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Corporate Innervation Webinars

Corporate Innervation Webinar Series is designed to share the insights, learnings, frameworks and tools to help you unlock more innovation genius inside your organisation.


Over the series we are going to dig into every aspect of corporate innovation from governance, automation, culture, empowering leadership models, risk, strategy and much more. Whilst the GOYA team and I will be sharing our knowledge and models, we'll also be bringing in a number of experts to share their knowledge and process. 


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Leverage Automated Corporate Innovation Models 

If you’re seeking a better way to manage innovation inside your organisation, with a thriving eco-system and a portfolio of projects that will deliver exponential value – this webinar has been designed for you. 


This webinar will provide practical insight on the steps and process required to have an automated process that augments and adds value to your corporate innovation function.  Ally and Ian will share their steps, processes and learnings from the trenches on how to get this right to accelerate your corporate innovation function.


Dealing with the Demons of Innovation
17th November 2021
2pm BNE, 3pm SYD/MEL

There's a dark side to innovation that we need to talk about...It's time to get comfortable being uncomfortable so we can debunk the myths, get rid of the behaviours and mindsets that derail innovation in the corporate environment. Innovation cannot thrive without the right environment. 

This is a fun and educational webinar designed to look at the reasons why innovation fails in the corporate environment, and what we can do as leaders to change this. You'll walk away with the knowledge and tools to vanquish these demons in thoughtful and constructive manner. 

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