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Helping Hands

We are problem solvers, system thinkers, strategists, facilitators and implementers who bring a diverse range of experience to deliver amazing outcomes for our clients.


GOYA Consulting was established to help organisations deliver on their vision, goals and purpose. 


Strategy, problem solving and enabling businesses to perform at their highest level is what makes us jump out of bed every day.


We’re here to enable your vision


We’re here to simplify


We have all the tools you need to succeed. No matter what stage you are at, we can support you to deliver value and increase the ability of your people to turn strategy into action.

Who We Are

As People We Are

Why Choose Us?

Let's Work Together

Unique Perspective 

We are known and respected for our unique perspective, bespoke solutions and our ability to deliver sustainable, financial and strategic growth. We combine our years of experience and ingenuity with yours to implement changes that provide real bottom line benefits.


Our independence is at the heart of our client centric model. We develop a clear understanding of what matters for your organisation and we focus on delivering collaborative solutions to help you achieve your overall business objectives.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. Our leaders are experienced Board members, CEO's, Executives, start-up founders and innovation thought leaders who bring a unique discipline, rigour and ability to deliver solutions that add real value and cultural change. We want to have fun with you doing cool projects and bringing amazing ideas to life.

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